Pete Franzen

I am interested in teaming up with you to work on relieving your emotional suffering and moving you towards increased self-determination, creativity, and ease with life. I am passionate about the counseling process and have deep belief in its ability to heal, change, and shift people towards their needs and goals.

PFThe approaches that I use are emotion-focused therapy (EFT) and humanistic therapy. I believe the core of counseling is working to deepen your awareness of your moment-to-moment experience as it is unfolding. Integral to these practices is the idea that underneath our pain or confusion, we each carry an inner compass pointing us towards what is needed for our growth and well-being.

I am a graduate student on my way to becoming a licensed counselor. My work background has been focused on assisting elders and people with disabilities as well as working at the local youth homeless shelter. I also have volunteer experience in suicide prevention with LGBT+ individuals. Besides counseling, my primary interests are philosophy and art. I am interested in individuals’ inner experiences, whoever you are, and I will seek to understand what you share with humility.

You are the expert on your situation, and the ideal client-counselor relationship is a warm and trusting partnership. I will work to form a bond with you that will encourage you to explore your experience, reflect on your needs and goals, and make positive changes in a way that feels good.

To make an appointment with Pete, you will first need to contact Tom Kubasik, LCPC, at (207) 699-4979.

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