Since 2016, I’ve made my practice available as an internship site to qualified clinical mental health counseling students. This is a private practice internship, with its own advantages and challenges.

Interning at Kubasik Counseling:

Supervision: I’m told that at some internship sites, supervision happens on a bit of a catch-as-catch-can basis. At Kubasik Counseling, scheduled internship supervision is sacred; only illness, snowstorms, and the occasional vacation ever get in the way. Although we’ll spend time on administrative supervision, the bulk of our efforts will be clinical in nature. Taping at least 1-2 clients a week, and reviewing these recording yourself and with me, is a must. If you’re doing up to 4 clinical hours a week, we’ll meet for 1 hour. Once you’re doing 5-7 clinical hours, we’ll meet for 90 minutes a week. If you find yourself doing 8 or more clinical hours a week, we’ll meet twice a week for an hour each time. (If that sounds like too much supervision to you, we’re probably not a good match.)

Theory: Being clear in your theory is enormously helpful in facilitating a successful therapy. If you work with me, you’re going to learn to be very clear in both your theory and practice. For the record, I’m a committed humanist, with deep ties to Person-Centered, Gestalt, Existential, and Emotion-Focused Therapies. I much prefer to work with interns who are interested in these approaches. If this is where your heart is, you might find an internship here quite congenial.

Private Practice: The internship is set up very much like a private practice. You will do some of your own marketing, which will teach you 1) How to present yourself to the world as a counselor and, 2) How hard it is to get clients in the real world. Although I screen potential intern clients, once I’ve passed them on to you, you will do all your own scheduling. You’ll also develop some of your own forms, maintain your physical files, collect money (sorry, you don’t keep it), clean your office, etc.

Because this is a small private practice, you will not hit the ground running with a full case load; it may take some time to build up your numbers. So far, all of my interns have done part of their internship hours at my practice and then had a second internship where hours were more plentiful. Especially if you’re trying to do internship in two semesters, don’t imagine you’re going to do all your hours here.

If you’re interested . . .

Give me a call. I really enjoy talking with counseling students, so don’t be shy! If the first phone call sounds like we may be a match, we’ll set up a meeting. I usually meet two or three times with someone before I offer them an internship. (If the weather is nice, this may include a long walk!) Sometimes there are readings assigned between these meetings. We’re going to be working closely together for a long time, so I want to be sure we both feel quite strongly about undertaking this process together.